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Friends and family often want to honour the memory of the deceased with a memorial donation.
Sometimes it’s something the deceased also wanted. Some might wish for memorial donations to be given as contributions
towards the next generation’s education while others want to support groups or institutions that make a difference
in society. There are several options.

Memorial Donation Recipients

Our memorial donation module is easy to use. By default, it shows all the recipients we have in our system already.
Each funeral home can also add their own, local recipients. Each death can be connected to the
selected donation recipient in the list.

Simple and Secure

We offer an integrated, secure payment solution which accepts international credit cards.

Portable Stand for Donations

To enable memorial donations at the ceremony, we offer a portable tablet stand which can be placed by the ceremony entrance.

In cooperation with  Just Giving and Love to Donate

In cooperation with 
Just Giving and Love to Donate.

To receive access to a huge number of charities and safeguard the money handling, the service is managed in
cooperation with the leading organisations in this field. The handling of Gift Aid is of course also fully supported.
Safe money handling

Safe money handling

By inserting the amount of money you wish to donate and your credit card details, the money goes via our
donation service partners to the specific charity. This process is safe and in line with
all governmental regulations for money handling.



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