Funeral planner

Tomorrow’s customers demand funeral directors with local knowledge and who deliver first-class service
combined with user-friendly, web-based services.

With Adstate’s funeral planner, you get one of
the market’s best solutions, fully in line with Adstate’s development of innovative products and modules.
The funeral planner has been developed to satisfy today’s demands from customers, to increasingly be able to
plan the funeral online.

In this way, relatives can together, regardless of geographical distance,
review important choices before arriving at the funeral home.

Start the planning

Getting started is easy. Several relatives can be invited to the funeral planner, so that you can be present on this online service at the same time. Then it is easy to review the various choices and phases of a funeral.

Choice of services and products

There are sensitive and sensitive choices to be made. Choices that may only be made a few times in a lifetime…
We have therefore come up with a structure and plan that makes the review seamless and intuitive.
We have focused on simple functionality and it is easy to navigate around the planner.

Ceremony songs

Singing and music are for many an important part of the funeral. The possibilities are many. In our integrated music selector, we focus on a music selector where you can listen to many different elements, as well as be inspired to make your own choices for the individual ceremony. Local actors can also be entered with their own performance. In this way, the music selector will get a completely local profile.

Ceremony venue

Every local environment has its own unique options for choosing a ceremony location.
In the funeral planner, images and information relevant to the agency’s various options for ceremony location can be uploaded.

Memorial gathering

Many people want to have a memorial service after the funeral. In the planner, you can see what is possible in terms of available premises, catering and service. Detailed information can be uploaded so that one can easily see what possibilities there are for arranging a memorial gathering worthy of the deceased.