Flower Shop

Our web-based flower shop service is easy to use.
It includes photos and descriptions, and has an integrated ordering and payment service.
The flower shop will help generate income for the funeral home. These days, many people prefer to
order online instead of by phone.

Secure Delivery

Each flower order is connected to an individual’s death. The time and venue of the ceremony is already available in the Adstate system, making it easy to order flowers to any funeral, regardless of where the buyer is. By searching for a death on the portal and ordering through the flower shop link on their page, the funeral details are already registered and ensure a smooth, timely delivery.

Funeral Flowers and Flowers for the families

In the flower shop module, visitors can order flowers for the next of kin or for the funeral.

Photos and Descriptions

The flower shop comes with default content, such as Adstate’s photos of various flower arrangements.
Each funeral home can choose if they want to use our content or upload their own options.

Price List and Selecting a Florist

The funeral home decides which florist should receive the order and manage the delivery.
The funeral home also decides the cost of the orders.

Find out more

Request a demo with one of our advisors to find out what
the online funeral services portal can do for your funeral home.